Dr.Roger Brighton

Understanding Options

Surgery works very well in most cases when patients have significant pain and disability and they have not experienced relief from other non-operative treatments. In fact, Hip and Knee Replacements are some of the most successful operations in the entire field of surgery.

However, people often get good and sometimes lasting relief from treatments including:

  • Medication (first over-the-counter and then sometimes on Prescription from your GP)
  • Walking aids, like a stick or frame
  • Physiotherapy, to increase functional range of movement and strength
  • Activity modification, like reducing standing or walking periods or giving up higher demand sports
  • Weight loss, including surgical options for those having difficulty with diet and exercise alone

You also need to consider costs, the time required for recovery and periods required off work, what support you may need from friends and relatives during recuperation and how "ready you feel".

Dr Brighton will discuss many of these things with you during your initial consultation and is always happy to answer your questions when you are considering your options.

Patient Journey
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