Dr.Roger Brighton

Post Op Consultations

You will need to see me again in my Rooms about 4-6 weeks after your operation. My PA will send out a card to you in the mail with the day and time.

This is to check on your wound, progress of your recovery and readiness to extend your activities. You can also ask any questions you have about your recovery.

I will need to see a new plain X-Ray of your operated joint which you can get in advance through your GP, or on the day with a referral from myself as Radiology facilities are available at both of our offices. (Just allow a ½ hour extra before you appointment time to have the XRay).

NB. After an operation in the Private Hospital, your first follow-up is included in your surgery fee. If your operation was done in the Public Hospital, a follow-up fee is charged, and payable at the time of appointment, which is partially rebated through medicare on the day.

Patient Journey
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