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Information For Joint Replacement Patients

Preparing For Your OperationPreparing For Your Operation

  • Cease any "blood thinning" medication a week before surgery, for example:

  • Warfarin, Plavix, Persantin, Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications

  • Look after your skin to ensure that you have no cuts or infections anywhere on the body, for example: avoid gardening in the weeks before your surgery

  • Give your feet a good clean with a soft nail brush

  • Bring your own regular medications to hospital – you may take any essential heart or blood pressure tablets with a sip of water on the morning of surgery

Make sure you bring all your x-rays and other tests to the hospital.

At The Hospital

I will usually see you in the anaesthetic bay prior to your operation to answer any last minute questions you may have. I will see you in the morning following your surgery and then on every second day after that.

  • Have one of your relatives leave a contact number on the front of your hospital medical records so I can ring to let them know how things went

  • For the first 24 hours after the operation you will have inflatable calf compressors on your legs as part of the program to prevent blood clots (DVTs). These will be removed when you are mobilizing

  • The physiotherapists will get you up the very next day, also important for preventing blood clots

  • Follow all the instructions of your physiotherapists and nursing staff on the ward after discharge

Back At HomeBack At Home

  • Dr Brighton uses a dissolvable stitch to close your wound. The ends left protruding from the skin should be clipped at skin level when the dressings are removed completely about 8 days after surgery. (By then, you will usually be at home or at the rehabilitation hospital)

  • The Steristrips (little bandaids underneath the main dressing) can be allowed to wash off in the shower from that time

  • If you are on the extended DVT prophylaxis program, continue the injections under the skin until you run out. Continue to wear your compressive stockings for a full six (6) weeks

You should make an appointment to see me in the office, Usually about a month after discharge, unless you were Asked to make one sooner while you were in hospital.

In an emergency, contact your local doctor or nearest hospital.

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