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What type of knee will I get?

Achieving uniformly excellent results from Total Knee Replacement is proving more difficult to achieve than from Hip Replacement and efforts to improve the operation continue. This difficulty is due to a number of factors, but much depends on implant design. The geometry of the knee is complex and movement is not just that of a simple hinge, with some side-to-side movement and rotation involved as well.

This prompts the Clinically Relevant Question from patients:

What type of knee will I get?

Even after "30 plus" years of development, there is still no complete agreement about which class of prosthesis best “mimics” normal anatomy although good results are possible with a number of implants in the right experienced hands. They fall into three broad categories, depending on the level of stability (or constraint) provided by the components:

What type of knee will I get?What type of knee will I get?What type of knee will I get?


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